Proposals for day trips

  • Hike of about 3.5 km in Somogygeszti near the wine houses. Get directions at the reception.
  • Ride in a carriage through the area. Costs HUF 4000 per hour.
  • Horse riding lessons at the stables. Costs HUF 4000 per hour.
  • Open-air museum Szenna (towards KaposvГЎr over the bridge follow signs Szenna. In Szenna somewhere on the left (before the turn in the parking lot, no real directions and a small gate.
  • RГЎdpuszta: restaurant with gypsy music and a regular horseshow.
  • Tihany peninsula in Lake Balaton (north side). From us by ferry across.
  • Visit Hare Krishna (SomogyvГЎmos). On the map only 10 km away (on a dirt road) on paved roads a little further.
  • KaposvГЎr Benedictine monastery ruin.
  • SomogyvГЎr (former capital) Benedictine monastery ruin.
  • Keszthely, Festetics Palace with a very nice library.
  • SГјmeg, beautiful castle located on a hump. In the afternoon there are performances.
  • Fishing in Mernye. Costs HUF 3000 per person per day.
  • Tapolca caves and underground lake. Navigate through by boat.
  • Hiking / biking around the Deseda lake.