The campsite is located in the center of the town of Somogygeszti. The campsite consists of the camping site, the sanitary building and the reception building: the bar and recreation room (the Coach House). On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays simple but Hungarian cooking is done. Specification in advance.


The area is sloping and therefore our site has a drop of 22 meters. The best part is that the hill after it is lower so you can look over it to the next hill. This makes the view playful and beautiful. The site is divided into 5 terraces. There is a water tap and several power points on each terrace. There is currently room for about 30 caravans / campers or tents. Since the spring of 2017 we have paved camper strips on a number of terraces.

The sanitary building

This is completely newly built to Western standards. The women's and men's sides both look the same. In total there are 9 showers and 7 toilets, as well as a disabled room with sink, shower and toilet. All showers and toilets are lockable cubicles. A washing machine is available (use against payment).

The coach house

The coach house is a barn that was beautifully built in 1936. After having had several destinations, after a lot of work it has become a beautifully renovated space with old elements. We wanted to make everything fit the building as much as possible. In this building there is of course the reception, but also a bar (drinks only). There is also a TV where sports events such as e.g. the tour de france can be watched. There are books and various board games. Under the canopy there is room to sit outside, but out of the sun. A large terrace has been laid out in front of the coach house. From the terrace you have a beautiful view of the garden and the pond.